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How Ketamine Works

Ketamine has been on the market for years, but many are just now realizing its full potential. Approved by the FDA in 1970, it was originally intended for use as an anesthetic. However, more often today Ketamine is being used to treat difficult instances of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. This unique, cutting-edge medication has proved successful in treating resistant psychiatric illnesses and gives hope for a solution for those who have struggled to find the right treatment method.

Experienced Ketamine Care

Ketamine may or may not be a great fit for everyone. In order to ensure Ketamine is the best option, you must first undergo a screening process. After you are approved for use, schedule an appointment and complete the necessary paperwork. When you arrive for your appointment, you will receive an IV treatment. This treatment is approximately 40 minutes long. During this time frame, you are made as comfortable as possible. Our facility provides entertainment options such as TV, Netflix, or iPads for use while you wait, as well as refreshments such as coffee and water. Once the treatment is completed, you will remain at the office for one hour for observation to ensure everything went according to plan. At the conclusion of your appointment, for your safety, we ask that our patients schedule a ride home from a family member, friend, or Uber driver.

Duration of Treatment

The Ketamine treatment process can vary individually on a case by case basis. Initially, you will be scheduled to come in three times a week for the first two weeks for each 40 minute IV infusion treatment. Once these initial visits are completed, it may be beneficial for you to return to more traditional psychiatric medications during remission. For more difficult cases, regular MedSpa visits may occur every two to four weeks for up to six months.

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